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Shigeki Miyamoto (1937-) remains active at the forefront today as an upholsterer and Japan's first furniture modeler. Engaged in fields ranging from furniture repair to the creation of overseas designer furniture and seats for vehicles, Miyamoto has won solid trust in Japan and around the world. A craftsman uncompromising in his stance on chair creation, he has achieved a reputation for seemingly superhuman feats and earned the nickname, "God of Chairs." This exhibition examines Miyamoto's work and its foundation of knowledge and technical skill deriving from long years of experience, through some 35 exhibits, including creations by designers and architects Miyamoto has collaborated with. Works by Miyamoto are displayed in three categories, in each case with concrete explanation of his approach: his work as a modeler engaged in experimental chair development, his work as a chair upholster including repair work and chair development, and his work as a leader who has fostered a younger generations of craftspeople. In the completed chairs, visitors can see evidence of the craftsman's thoughts and decisions, and savor his technical command. The exhibition, it is hoped, will offer chances to discover the depth and fascination of chair creation from new angles.

We wish to extend our deep gratitude to Shigeki Miyamoto and Gotanda Seisakusho Corporate Group, and everyone whose efforts have made this exhibition possible.

Date Osaka : 7 June - 20 August, 2019
Tokyo :5 September - 23 November, 2019
Open Hours Osaka : 10 am - 5 pm
Tokyo : 10 am - 6 pm
Closed Osaka : Wednesdays,13-16 August
Tokyo : Wednesdays
Admission Free
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