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RE-CREATIONS refers to Munemi Yorigami's unique ceramic style, which involves a sort of scrap-and-build process--create, destroy, kiln-fire, join and re-create. He began to develop this style in 1983 while engaging in a project in which formed clay broke apart right before it was placed in the kiln. Intrigued by the broken pieces, he decided to make a new work based on them. He baked each of the pieces of this new work separately before joining them together, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful artwork.

RE-CREATION, which thus originally came about as an accident, has become the "inevitable" core feature of Yorigami's art. He started to pursue this approach in earnest as an independent ceramicist after working under Kazuo Yagi for two years, during which time he was dedicated to serving as his mentor's right hand. RE-CREATION drove his endeavor to build up his own "hand," and has provided him with powerful and lifelong inspiration.

Yorigami describes his creation process as follows:

I am generally engaged in abstract representation. Each project starts with preparing dolomite and other porcelain clay, from which basic forms are built and shaped by hand, using a tatara and occasionally plaster molds. Each body is worked into a planned shape through a number of steps: drying, fine-grade abrasive paper sanding, additional detailed tuning to achieve the aimed-for shape, and surface polishing using special glistening stone. Then, the complete form is broken into a number of pieces, a process that cannot be controlled. Broken pieces are grouped into three, which are fired separately in three different kilns for black, white and yohen pottery. The fired ceramic pieces are gathered and joined with adhesive in such a way as to restore the original shape. Plaster joint finishing is performed to finish the object. The RE-CREATIONS process embraces two opposite orientations that can be referred to as art and nature, according to the extent to which the artist's control is effective. The harmonious interaction of the essentially conflicting actions gives each piece a tantalizing quality.

Yorigami has consistently been producing the RE-CREATION series since 1984, introducing new themes from time to time. He will continue with this endeavor subject to repeated rounds of "destruction and reconstruction," analogous to the eternal story of human history.

This exhibition will introduce his new works composed of ceramic and wood materials in combination, in addition to a collection from the RE-CREATION series. Among those on display is Re-Creations Sakura-1, characterized by his signature shiny marble-like ceramic texture that conveys an exuberant spring atmosphere. This selection has adopted a variety of tree species, including pine, cherry and zelkova, showcasing the distinctive features of each. In this latest artistic challenge, he has combined the two different materials effectively to bring out their respective inherent power, creating objects with an exquisite but solid presence.

MORI Koichi, Art Critic, Executive Director, Japan Ceramic Society

  • January, 2019
  • January, 2019
  • January, 2019
  • January, 2019
    photo:Hidekazu Oginuma
  • January, 2019
    photo:Hidekazu Oginuma
  • January, 2019
    photo:Hidekazu Oginuma
Date 18 January- 21 March, 2019
Open Hours 10:00-18:00
Closed Wednesdays, 24 February, 2019
Admission Free
Planned and organized by LIXIL Corporation


1944 Born in Kyoto
1967 Graduated from the Department of Landscape Architecture Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture
1969 Worked for Kazuo Yagi (to 1972)
1980 Joined Sodeisha
Joined Japan Craft Design Association
1994 Executive committee chair for Open Air Clay Work in Kyoto ’94 (Commemorating the 1,200th Anniversary of Heian-kyo) (Umekoji Park/Kyoto)
1988 Sodeisha disbanded
Adjunct instructor at the Faculty of Design, Graduate School of Design, Okayama Prefectural University (to 2000)
2000 Adjunct instructor at the Department of Fine Arts, Ceramic, Kyoto Saga Art College
Adjunct instructor at the Department of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Kyoto City University of Arts (to 2004)
2015 Visiting Professor at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China (to present)
Exhibitions & Awards
1980 (and every year since) Sodeisha Exhibition (Kyoto)
1984 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition (Nagoya)
1985 Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition (Osaka)
1986–89 Yagi Kazuo Competition of Contemporary Ceramics (Prize for Excellence in 1987) (Tokyo,Osaka)
1989 Contemporary Clay Work (Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery/Kanagawa)
1990 Prize for Excellence, 41st Kyoto Prefecture Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition (The Museum of Kyoto/Kyoto)
Japanese Clay Work Today (Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts/Tochigi)
Japan and Korea Young Ceramic Artists Exhibition (Kumho Museum of Art/Seoul, South Korea)
1991 Golden Award, 47th Faenza International Ceramic Exhibition (Italy)
Ceramics Forum in Kyoto ’91 (Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts/Kyoto)
1992 1st Cairo International Ceramics Biennale (Cairo, Egypt)
Prize for Excellence, Jennings Ceramics Award (Melbourne, Australia)
Grand Prize, International Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art (National Museum of History/China)
1993 Contemporary Ceramics 1950–1990 (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art/Aichi)
1994 International Exhibition of Ceramics (Taipei, ROC)
Open Air Clay Work in Kyoto ’94 (Umekoji Park/Kyoto)
1995 Wind of Faenza (Toki, Gifu)
1996 The 10th Exhibition by the Contemporary Ceramic Artists in Kyoto (Daimaru Department Store Art Gallery/Kyoto)
World Ceramics Exposition in Saga ’96 Street Furniture Exhibition (Saga)
1997 ART SESSION IN Anrakuji (Anrakuji/Higashiyama, Kyoto)
1999 Bronze Prize, 5th International Ceramics Festival MINO, Japan (Gifu)
2000 VIVA 20C-Design (Organized by Japan Design Committee)
Featured in the NHK BS TV program Yakimono Tanbo (lit. Exploring Ceramics): “Munemi Yorigami: Imbuing broken rubble with life”—with architect Tokuichi Yoshimura visiting the atelier
2001 Crafts in Kyoto, 1945–2000 (The National Museum of Modern Art/Kyoto, The National Museum of Modern Art/Tokyo)
2002 The Legacy of Modern Ceramic Art: The Evolution of Japanese Ceramic Art (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art/Gifu)
2007 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, (Cheongju, South Korea) (by invitation)
2009 World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea (South Korea)
2012 Large Ceramic Art Workshop in Korea (Dankook University/South Korea)
2016 2016 Hangzhou International Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennale (China Academy of Art/China)
2017 2017 China Craft Week Hangzhou (China Academy of Art/China)
2018 Exhibition of International Contemporary Ceramic Works (Tsinghua University/China)