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Price : 1,600 yen (before tax)
Specification : 148mm × 148mm

Published : April, 2020

A postcard book containing 24 square postcards by Japanese artist Asao Tokolo known for his designs utilizing geometric principles. The diverse harmony on the textured indigo cardboard is created by aligning the silver figures with invisible reference lines made by combinations of rhombuses in various shapes filling the ground without a single gap.

The detachable cards are not only suitable to be used as postcards with messages written on the back, but has the quality of becoming an art piece for home décor, and of course, it is an excellent art book compiling the essence of Asao Tokolo's work. Bonus text is written by architect Keisuke Toyoda on the artist's core of creativity. Text in Japanese and English.

Asao Tokolo was born in Tokyo in 1969, and became interested in architecture as a child. After graduating from university he studied under artist and architect Shin Egashira. Since September 11, 2001 he has focused on the theme of "connecting," notably in the creation of patterns and other works at the intersection of art, architecture and design. Applying simple geometric principles, he designs patterns and logos that are reproducible with a compass and ruler, as well as 3D works based on the same approach. His works include the HARMONIZED CHEQUERED PATTERNS selected as emblems for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics; TOWER OF CONNECT, an outdoor sculpture for the Otemachi Park Building in downtown Tokyo; and the PPP TOKOLO PATTERN MAGNET series.