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takram design engineering: Pendulum of Design Innovation

Contemporary Architect's Concept Series

takram design engineering: Pendulum of Design Innovation

  • Japanese
  • English
Price : 1,800 yen (before tax)
Specification : 210mm × 148mm

Published : September, 2014

This is a book by the creative and innovation firm, takram design engineering, based in Tokyo and London, which gathers members of varying background to continually produce innovative concepts. The knowhow, process, and thinking fostered by takram in actual practice is explained comprehensively using many diagrams. The underlying theme of takram is "Pendulum Thinking," which commutes between dual territories--"design" and "engineering" / "story" and "product" / and "abstract" and "figurative," and so on. While explaining takram's methodology for unraveling complex problems while preserving their complexity and subliming them to creation, the book showcases their latest products born from that methodology and presents examples using abundant visuals.