Dear Sir/Madam

We greatly appreciate your continued support for LIXIL's activities.

We wish to inform you that, as of this autumn, we will be permanently closing the LIXIL Gallery. Opened as the Ina Gallery in 1981 and renamed in 2013, the LIXIL Gallery has enjoyed 40 years of generous support, during which time it has hosted 977 events, including our Future of Creation exhibitions, ceramics exhibitions, and Touring Exhibitions on Architecture, Design, and Related Fields (Tokyo & Osaka).

The gallery closure will also bring to an end the activities of LIXIL Publishing, which to date has released a catalog of over 400 titles. Previously published titles will remain available until September 2022. We look forward to your continued custom.

LIXIL plans to continue sharing the diversity of manufacturing with future generations through our unique cultural initiatives, including the INAX Museums in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture. We hope to receive your continued patronage and support for LIXIL's cultural activities.

LIXIL Gallery and LIXIL Publishing