Closing of the LIXIL Museum

September 10 (Mon), 2018

To our valued customers,

We hereby announce that the LIXIL Museum will close on September 28, 2018. The corporate museum was launched in October 2012 to introduce the modernization of lifestyles and living spaces in Japan and present how LIXIL's founding companies have contributed to their development over generations through innovating products and technologies. The collections of epoch-making items produced by each company and displayed in the museum, ranging from window sashes, doors, interior and exterior building materials, to kitchen, bathroom and toilet systems and accessories, will be transferred to the Integrated Technology Training Center (101 Miyanomori, Sukagawa city, Fukushima) to be re-exhibited in a new space, which is limited for internal use.

We are very pleased to have welcomed many visitors to the museum over the past six years, and would like to express our sincere gratitude to them.

LIXIL will continue to promote cultural activities centering on the INAX MUSEUMS, LIXIL GALLERY and LIXIL Publishing. We appreciate your continued support and understanding, and we offer our best wishes for your good health and success in the future.

LIXIL Museum