Architectural Terracotta Museum

About the Terracotta Park

Large ceramic building decorations engraved with floral or geometric patterns, animals, etc., known as terracotta, embellished the buildings of modern Japan. Now a cultural heritage, our collection of architectural terracotta from 15 buildings are on display under the blue sky in the Terracotta Park. Included in the collection are terracotta from the main building of the Yokohama Matsuzakaya department store (H4.5m x W1.8m), the enormous lantern from the Asahi Life Building (former Tokiwa Life Building) (H2.5m × W1.1m), and ten charming faces of demons and animals from the First Osaka Building. Please enjoy the walk around this unique park presenting the charms of weathered but intricately designed terracotta, surrounding the beautiful green grounds.

Asahi Life Building (Former Tokiwa Life Building)
Tokyo / Hiroshi Kunieda / 1930
Yokohama Matsuzakaya Main Building
Yokohama / Teiji Suzuki / 1934
Architectural Institute of Japan
Tokyo / Kintaro Yabe / 1930
Ministry of Home Affairs Building
Tokyo / Ministry of Finance, Building, Repairs and Administration Bureau / 1933
Dainippon Pharmaceutical
Osaka / So Architects / 1930
Asahi Sekimen Kogyo
Tokyo / Matsunosuke Moriyama / 1930
Old Yusen Building [Exhibit 2020]
Tokyo / Sone-Chujo Architects / 1923
Maruei Department Store [Exhibit 2021]
Aichi / Murano Mori Architects / 1953
  • Daido Life Building
    Osaka / W.M. Vories & Co. Architects /1925
  • Nagoya Bankers Association
    Nagoya / Yasunori Momoi / 1931
  • First Osaka Building
    Tokyo / Watanabe Setsu Architects / 1927
  • Otani Bukkyo Kaikan
    Osaka / Takeuchi Architects / 1933
  • Fuzanbo
    Tokyo / Koicho Sato / 1932
  • Mukogawa Women's University Koshien Hall
    Nishinomiya, Hyogo / Arata Endo, 1930
  • Shinbashi Enbujo
    Tokyo / Eizo Sugawara, Tsuyoshi Ogura / 1925