Tile Museum

A treasure house of decorative tiles

This is a museum dedicated to the fascinating world of tiles, introducing their development over history. Our collection contains over 7000 examples of decorative tiles from ancient times through the modern era. In addition to carefully selecting pieces from the collection for exhibition, we have also recreated architectural spaces featuring tiles from various historical periods. Visitors to the museum will be able to encounter the tiles that have enriched human life over history and share in our ancestors’ passion for decoration.

About the Tile Museum

Special Exhibition


Our special exhibits focus on the components of pottery - clay, water, and fire - and craftsmanship that have influenced lifestyles and culture. We also showcase works by artists.

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Permanent Exhibition


The first floor gallery, titled “The Soul of Decoration” features six realistically reconstructed spaces with decorative tiles from 5500 years ago to the contemporary age. In the second floor gallery, “Tile: Transcending Time and Space,” visitors can see ancient to modern tile from our collection arranged according to geographic region (the Orient, Islam, Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, and Japan.)

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