Tile Museum

A treasure house of decorative tiles

The Tile Museum is a unique museum in Japan that specializes in the history and development of decorative tiles, providing visitors with an opportunity to discover how tiles have influenced and enriched people's lives over centuries.

Our permanent exhibition area allows visitors to experience our ancestors' passion for decoration through the reproductions of tile-adorned spaces from various ages.
About the Tile Museum

Special Exhibition


Our special exhibits focus on the components of pottery - clay, water, and fire - and craftsmanship that have influenced lifestyles and culture. We also showcase works by artists.

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Permanent Exhibition


On the first floor of our permanent exhibition area, you will be able to experience the reproduction of clay peg walls from Mesopotamian civilizations from the third millennium BC (5,500 years ago), Egyptian tiles from 4,650 years ago, a dome ceiling exhibiting Islamic architecture, and more. On display on the second floor is our precious collection of approximately 1,000 antique decorative tiles from around the world.

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