Kiln Plaza

About the Kiln Plaza

History of the Kiln Plaza

The tall chimney and the black building situated behind the grass square used to be an earthenware pipe factory built in 1921. Records indicate that the factory was producing pipes with a diameter of approximately 90 centimeters, one of the largest made in Tokoname. Inside the building is the Great Kiln made of bricks, and a unique atmosphere, created by clay and fire, can be felt inside.

The building and the chimney were repaired and made into a museum in 1986, as a commemoration project to mark the corporate name change from Ina Seito to INAX. It was the first facility to open in the surrounding area which was later developed as a cultural facilities site, which eventually became the INAX MUSEUMS. The 22-meters tall chimney rising high into the sky is the symbol of our museum and offers a picturesque landscape, representative of Tokoname, which has been a center of pottery production for over a thousand years.

Tunnel Kiln

On one side of the Kiln Plaza, we have brought over and reconstructed a portion of a long tunnel kiln which used to produce tiles in a factory in Iga-Ueno, Mie Prefecture. The 80-meter kiln operated from 1972 to 2005 during a period of rapid economic growth and boom in building constructions in Japan, mass-producing homogenous tiles by firing over two to three days. Our exhibit is approximately 16 meters, one-fifth of the length of the original kiln.