Kiln Plaza

The passion and spirit of the modern ceramics industry

Kiln Plaza preserves a kiln, building and stack constructed in 1921. Kiln factories of this kind dedicated to production of stoneware pipes that contributed to Japan's modernization.
The large, brick kiln and roof truss made from thick beams and pillars are compelling masterpieces to behold. Tools and machines used for production are exhibited, as well as view footage portraying how kiln firing were carried out back in the day.

Tangible Cultural Property (Structures) · Heritage of Industrial Modernization
About the Kiln Plaza

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  • The Kiln Projection
  • Photo Gallery Tokoname - The Town of Pottery(1963 - 1964) Shuji Yamada
  • Scope of the soul
  • Tokoname Animation


  • Tokoname and Stoneware Pipes
  • Tunnel Kiln
  • Chimney Terrace