Clay Works

Clay Works Workshops

In our building made of clay, we hold two workshops that will allow you to experience the wonders of clay - the shiny clay ball workshop and clay pastels workshop.

Shiny Clay Ball Workshop

In this workshop, we make our original shiny clay balls using clay for pottery.

Utterly different from the mud balls that children make in a sandbox or a playground, our clay balls are crafted by curving, coloring, and polishing a piece of rounded clay into a shiny sphere. It is a fun and engaging 90 minutes workshop for both adults and children.

How to Make the Clay Works Original Shiny Clay Balls

Shape the ceramic clay using a rounding tool until it is a perfect sphere and smoothen the surface.
Color and decorate the ball with clay mixture.
Polish the ball using the mouth of a glass jar until it is shiny.
Why does the Shiny Clay Ball shine?
Download (110KB)
Workshop Fee 1 Clay Ball 900 yen (including tax)

Weekday/Weekends 10:00 / 13:00 / 15:00
Duration 90 minutes

Reservation is required to join the workshop.

  • Pre-school children will need to work with an adult, as tools are used in the workshop.
  • All participants will be making the balls together. Please do not be late for your session.
  • We will provide the tool required. You do not need to bring anything to the workshop.
  • Clay ball stand is not included in the workshop fee. Stands are available for sale from 200 yen (including tax).
  • Admission fee is not required if you are just coming for the workshop. However, should you wish to see the INAX MUSEUMS exhibitions, an admission fee will be required in addition to your workshop fees.
  • Workshop participants will be given a group discount for the admission charges of the exhibitions, so please do take the opportunity to enjoy our exhibitions as well.

Clay Pastels Workshop

In this workshop, we make soft colored pastels by molding six types of clay from different regions in a cast.
  • Workshop Fee / 1 set of 6 color pastels 900 yen (including tax)
  • Duration / 120 minutes (pastels to be dried at home)
We also hold mosaic art and tile painting workshops in the Tiling Workshop.
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