LIXIL Ceramics Lab

Exploring the Origins and Future of Craftsmanship

Our products and documentary materials tell the story of “Craftsmanship”, cultivated for generations in the pottery town of Tokoname. Recent projects range from the restoration of historic structures to the creation of new, innovative ceramics with the collaboration of artists, architects, and experts from various fields.

Passing on Tradition - The Pursuit of Creating Attractive, Innovative Products

LIXIL Ceramics Lab is for the ceramic production in Tokoname, where one of the six Japanese old kilns located with 1000 years history of making potteries.
Here, we are challenging for new innovation and possibilities in the ceramic technology, which we have inherited through the long history of the pottery production.

The Path to Restoration - Recent Projects


Examples of ceramic tile and terra cotta produced by LIXIL Ceramics Lab for restoration projects and past INAX MUSEUMS exhibitions can be found here. (Available in Japanese only.)

LIXIL Ceramics Lab Activities



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