INAX MUSEUMS made its grand opening in the historic pottery town of Tokoname in 2006, adding Clay Works and Ceramics Lab to the preexisting Great Kiln, Tile Museum and Tiling Workshop facilities. Furthermore, having opened the Architectural Terracotta Museum in 2012, we have continued to develop exhibits and activities that convey the spirit of craftsmanship.

We hope you will enjoy experiencing the multi-faceted aspects of clay and ceramics, through your visit to our six museum facilities.

Clay can be shaped by mixing water and, through firing, becomes a piece of ceramics. Our museum logo symbolizes the combination of the three elements of ceramics, fire, water, and clay, in a square background that depicts spaces with unlimited opportunities.

Museum Facilities

  • Tile Museum

    The Tile Museum is a unique museum dedicated to introducing the fascination of decorative tile and the history of tile development around the world. From our collection of over 7000 decorative tiles from across the globe, from ancient times to the modern era, examples are carefully selected for exhibit to the public.

  • Kiln Plaza

    The great kiln which produced earthenware pipes that supported Japan's modernization in the early to mid 20th century together with the building containing the kiln and the tall chimney is on display in the Kiln Plaza. These facilities are designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property and Heritage of Industrial Modernization.

  • Architectural Terracotta Museum

    Many new buildings in Japan in the 1920s and '30s were decorated with what are known as architectural ceramics. On exhibit in the Architectural Terracotta Museum is our collection of artistically refined terracotta and ceramic tiles.

  • Clay Works

    Clay, which sometimes is used to build homes, is also the raw material for ceramics. In the Clay Works building, full of the warmth and comfort of a building made with soil, we hold various exhibitions and workshops with a focus on clay.

  • Tiling Workshop

    An opportunity to enjoy ceramics creation to your heart's content awaits you. At the Tiling Workshop, we offer various hands-on workshops, including painting on tiles and mosaic tile art.

  • LIXIL Ceramics Lab

    In the Ceramics Lab, we introduce the spirit and techniques of craftsmanship that have been developed over the ages in the historic pottery town of Tokoname, through a display of products and materials.

Museum Grounds

We also have plenty of attractive features on the museum ground. Browse our introduction to see what to look for when strolling around the area.