Art & Architecture Exhibitions

We held contemporary art exhibitions supervised by art critic Yusuke Nakahara from 1982 to 1995 and, thereafter, solo exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, image expressions, and other fields by a broad range of contemporary artists until August 2014. From September 2014, we ran a series of exhibitions titled “Future of Creation,” each with its distinctive theme and embodying innovative ideas that are in the making. Four creators at the forefront of Japanese art and architecture - Toshio Shimizu (art director), Ryohei Miyata (metal artist), Toyo Ito (architect), and Kengo Kuma (architect) - took turns supervising these exhibitions.
The 23rd and final “Future of Creation” by Kengo Kuma titled “Multiplication” was an online exhibition held in the 3D-rendered LIXIL GALLERY powered by historia Enterprise.

Past Exhibitions